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Penile & Vaginal Rejuvenation

PRF involves using your blood for a higher concentration of platelets and a stronger release of growth factors. PRF contains fibrin, a protein that helps to support tissue repair and regeneration. 

How it works - PRF will help regrow and strengthen your muscles to help improve sexual libido, help reduce discomfort and incontinence. Learn more about how it benefits both men and women. 

Heal and improve function with Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF)
Second generation platelet therapy. 

Penile rejuvenation are procedures aimed at improving the appearance and function of the male genitalia, respectively.

Penile rejuvenation involves various techniques such as penile lengthening, girth enhancement and decreased urinary incontinence.

We keep you comfortable by using as a numbing medicine, then inject the PRF as treatment. You are able to drive yourself after the hour long procure. 

Penile Rejuvenation 

  • Enhancement in libido and sexual drive
  • Decreased urinary incontinence
  • Easier to achieve and maintain erections improved sexual stamina
  • Increased penile girth
  • Improvement in or resolution of penile curvature from Peyronie’s disease
  • Resolution of penis pain with erection
  • Increased sensitivity in the penis
  • Better overall blood flow to the penis
  • Stimulates cellular repair and regeneration, collagen production, and formation of new blood vessels
  • Reduction in pain during intercourse

Benefits of Penile Rejuvenation

Procedure last one to two years
75 to 80% success rate

This quick, non-surgical, and relatively painless clinical procedure will help with urinary incontinence and will help improve sex drive. This will also improve sex dysfunction and overall enhance your sex life. 

You will be able to resume your regular life after the procedure, with little recovery. Women have reported  the improvements of the procedure can be felt within three days, but full effects are three months.

We keep you comfortable by a numbing medicine so you are able to drive yourself after the hour long procedure.

Vaginal Rejuvenation 

  • Enhancement in libido and sexual drive
  • Heightened, vaginal and clitoral sensitivity, contributing to a stronger orgasm
  • Decreased urinary incontinence
  • Improved vaginal lubrication
  • Enhancement of skin on the vulva
  • Increased ability to experience a G spot orgasm
  • Reduction in pain during intercourse

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Procedure last One to four years
75 to 95% of women have improved sexual function

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