Boost your energy and immunity

IV Hydration 

IV nutrition involves administering vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream through an IV. This method allows for better absorption and faster results compared to oral supplements.

About the procedure

IV nutrition can be customized to meet individual needs and can be used to address a variety of health concerns, including fatigue, immune system support, and athletic performance. It can also be beneficial for individuals with malabsorption issues or digestive disorders.

While IV nutrition should not replace a healthy diet and lifestyle, it can be a helpful addition for those looking to optimize their health.

IV Hydration & Vitamin Boost

  • Get up & Go,
  • Immunity,
  • Inner Beauty,
  • Quench,
  • Reboot,
  • Recovery & Performance,
  • B-Lean, 
  • Myer’s Cocktail

Our bodies only absorb 25-30% of pill form vitamins,  through IV Hydration your body absorbs 100% 

IV Hydration 

Vitamin Boost

  • B12 - increases energy levels and concentration, improves metabolism, boosts immune system, improves sleep patterns, stops hair loss 

  • C - boosts immune system, increases energy levels, prevents cell damage, accelerated wound healing, contributes to collagen production improving skin texture, produces neurotransmitters, may reduce the adverse effects of chemo and cancer treatment 

  • D - aides in calcium absorption for bone health, improves cardiovascular system, decreases inflammation, elevates mood, improves cognitive function, aides in diabetes and weight loss support

  • Glutathione - decreases free radicals, prevents cancer progression, reduces cell damage in liver, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces symptoms of Parkinson's disease, reduces ulcerative colitis damages and may treat symptoms of autism

  • MICC - increased metabolism and energy, liver detoxification, improved sleep, stronger hair, and better moods
  • Very quick treatment time 
  • Comfortable and painless 
  • Extremely effective 
  • Customizable to fit your individual needs

The benefits of IV Hydration & Vitamin Boost

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